Welcome to Edmonds Elementary PTA 7.2.37

Edmonds, WA



Currently scheduled for the 3rd Tuesdays each month (except November, switched to 11/14)

7pm in the EE Library AND via Zoom (Meeting ID: 848 3048 5470 / Passcode: 884043) 

*We are open to suggestions for other days/times that fit your family's schedule


We are a volunteer parent organization that is affiliated with the national and state PTA. Our mission is to enhance the educational and recreational experience of students at Edmonds Elementary by working cooperatively with the school staff, teachers and STARS foundation.

We are committed to staying flexible in these unprecedented times. Some of the items listed are activities that we have sponsored in the past and will continue to do if allowed by school regulations and CDC guidelines. We will continue to find new and creative ways to support our school community and enhance education if guidelines continue to prohibit large gatherings.


Activities sponsored by the PTA include in a traditional school year:

 Welcome Back Event
 Harvest Party
 End of Year Picnic
 Movie Nights
 Skating Parties
 Bingo Night
 Educational Presentations

Programs/school support:
 Supplemental Student Copy Budget
 Emergency Shed Supplies
 Field Trips and 5th /6th Grade Overnight Camp
 Safety Patrol
 6th Grade Graduation
 Staff Appreciation Week & Luncheon

How you can help:
 Become a member! Membership forms will be included in the packet that should be emailed within the first week of school. They can also be found on our Membership page.
 Fundraiser – ORCA-Thon: The PTA’s primary fundraiser to support our programs. Look for details in the packet, or email us for a new link.
 Volunteer: Attend our monthly PTA meetings to learn about the different opportunities to volunteer at Edmonds Elementary. The PTA newsletter, website and Facebook page will provide updates on upcoming events and activities.

Contact us: edmondspta@gmail.com

Facebook: Edmonds Elementary PTA